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CSR Policy

At Navana Property Group, we are passionate about playing our part in protecting the earth; its resources, environment, societies and climate. We believe what is good for the planet and the people on it can also be good for business, and by committing to our sustainability agenda we enhance value generation for our people, our clients, and our stakeholders.

Our three key areas of sustainability and societal focus are Our People, Planet and Places.

Our People

Diversity & Inclusion

We believe diversity is fundamentally a force for positive change in the world. A diverse range of views borne out of differing cultural references, experiences and learned knowledge can only make our business better, for each other and our clients. At Navana, everyone, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, cultural background or sexual orientation has an equal stake in our business and can feel completely comfortable being themselves whilst at work.


We advocate equality of opportunity for all people, everywhere. Whilst working with us, our people and partners can expect to be treated fairly, especially in regard to all official processes and procedures, and will be positively encouraged to succeed and reach their potential. We have a zero tolerance policy towards bullying, victimisation or harassment of any individual, and any allegations of such behaviours will be investigated comprehensively in line with our relating policies.

Pay and Remuneration

We are committed within our business to the principle of equal pay, as we are to eradicating the gender pay gap. All of our directly employed people, and our suppliers’ employees are paid at or above the current living wage. In our property management division, we issue supplier tenders that contain a Living Wage option for our clients, ensuring those in traditionally low paid work such as cleaning, catering or security are paid fairly. We support working mothers and fathers, and offer a positive maternity and paternity package.


It is critical to us that our people act with exemplary standards ethics and personal integrity when dealing with each other, suppliers, partners, stakeholders and our communities. The Board of Directors are fully accountable for the Group’s adherence to its ethical standards. It is also important to us to ensure that all business or individuals who provide a service directly to us, or to our clients via us as an intermediary, follow our lead and commit to our ethical standards as set out in our Supplier Code of Conduct.


The health and wellbeing of our people is paramount, and we recognise our duty to ensure the health and wellbeing of our team as far as is reasonably practicable. This duty applies only to those factors which are work-related and fall within the sphere of the Group’s control.

We aim to consistently cultivate a stress-free environment through our various workplace initiatives, but most importantly through our workplace culture and our Group First Principles.

Our Planet

We endeavour to add value to the environment by creating places, buildings and societies that make the world a better place.

Climate and Energy

Reduce our energy use and emissions output in line with a Science Based Target to mitigate the effects of climate change and limit global temperature rise to 1.5c. As such we are signatories of The Science Based Targets ( commitment letter. Our ambition is to move towards a net zero carbon emissions through our operations.

Water and Waste

We champion sustainable resource use by reducing water consumption and waste sent to landfills, while supporting the transition to a circular economy via our operations wherever possible.


We are moving towards completely removing single-use plastics from our building operations by working in partnership with our suppliers to identify cost-effective alternatives.

Suppliers and Supply Chain

We will limit the environmental impact of our supply chain by adopting a global sustainable procurement framework and positively challenging our suppliers on the steps they are taking to tackle the many environmental issues that we face today.

Our Places

As a property and place group, our activities primarily concern the built environment. Through our involvement in this, we have an important opportunity to drive genuine change in fostering awareness and driving action.

Building Management

Where we are managing properties, we encourage all of our clients to constantly review and where necessary reduce their environmental impact through adopting practices that are better for the environment. As a property developer and owner, we seek to ensure the highest standards of sustainability in our practices.

Our Workplace

We believe in enabling a high level of productivity, creativity and fulfilment for our team. We champion free and flexible working, strive to create a healthy, intuitive and collaborative workplace for our people whilst working from our offices.


Where we manage and own properties and places we become local stakeholders. Our approach to community engagement is one of positive proactivity and we aim to enhance and advance communities through our activities, making them better for everyone.