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Harry Fenner

Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Harry began his career working for specialist managing agents in the commercial and residential sector.

In early 2016, Harry’s eye turned to the investment arena. He was successful in securing initial private backing, which he then leveraged to acquire an international property and investment portfolio worth in excess of £90 million.

He retains through his ventures a significant mixed property portfolio in addition to several equity holdings in both start-up and more mature companies, many of which have adjacency opportunity or a clear application in the property sector. 

Harry has long believed that the property industry is ripe for disruption by an independent, agile, people-focused property and place services business. One built with technology and innovation in its DNA, free from legacy systems and with the structure to react efficiently and effectively to change as it happens. This ultimately led him to found Navana Property Group.

As Chief Executive Officer, Harry is responsible for the company’s performance, continued growth, structural development and culture.