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Proptech fuses the world of emerging technology and property

Earlier this week we were networking with the great and good of property and technology at Future Proptech 2019, taking place at The Business Design Centre in North London.

It was the biggest event ever in its six year history, with over 2000 delegates coming together from the worlds of property, technology and venture capital.

The event opened with MetaProp NYC venture advisor Elie Finegold outlining some of the trends impacting on the current property and technology landscape. One of these themes was transportation as a service, and the need for brands and service providers to now get goods quickly, efficiently and securely from the street to the suite.

With many residential concierge services not allowing Uber Eats drivers beyond the lobby or reception areas of buildings. this failure of final yard logistics continues to be a challenge for property and asset owners and managers. The ever evolving nature of transportation as a service, then, has clear implications for how property assets should be designed, developed and managed.

The notion of buildings being ‘the new google’ was also discussed, with assets essentially now physically owning the flow of goods, information and people. At Navana, we think this presents an opportunity for investors, owners and end-users; investors and owners can link with brands to commercialise and enliven their assets and leverage occupier and resident data, whilst the end user receives a better, more personalised experience from brands and service providers.

We spent the afternoon meeting with various exhibitors and delegates about their platforms, services and products. There were more forward-thinking vendors present than ever before, and with what we heard from the speakers on the various stages throughout the day, we’re pleased to say the future of Proptech is looking as bright right now as it ever has.