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Property & Asset Management


Mixed used developments are where we bring together our integrated management capability in residential, commercial and retail with our expertise in placemaking and community engagement. We have a track record in developing, managing and placemaking at some of the most prestigious mixed-use developments in London and internationally.

Property & Asset Management


Leasehold management requires robust understanding of the frequently changing legislative environment governing leaseholders and freeholders, and we sit on the Institute of Property Management’s Leasehold working group. Our comprehensive leasehold management service gives freeholders reassurance that their buildings are fully compliant, and our ISO:45001 standard indicates that we go the extra mile to keep our residents healthy and safe.

We develop and manage service charge budgets that offer value for money for residents, manage contractors to deliver effective and efficient management of all common parts. We can also procure well priced insurance cover.

Property & Asset Management


Our commercial management portfolio includes office buildings, industrial estates and single-use retail premises. As RICS Chartered Surveyors we are able to aid in the preparation of schedules of dilapidation, condition & works, rent reviews and lease renewal negotiations. We proactively identify and deliver strategies to maintain and enhance our client’s investment value, through effective asset management and placemaking.

Property & Asset Management


We manage big and little box property for a diverse range of omni-channel and e-commerce clients of all sizes. Our asset management, relationship based approach enables us to support our occupiers with their spatial needs, whilst ensuring good health, safety and wellbeing practices are kept.

Property & Asset Management


Our team has extensive experience managing retail space and have been instructed by both owners and occupier businesses to set and execute real estate strategies. Our experience spans city and town centre parades, shopping centres and in-and-out-of-town retail parks. The retail sector is in the midst of a structural change, and our integrated management, experience and brand expertise can help retail property owners to optimise their portfolios.

Property & Asset Management


We are experienced in estate & block management and always place focus on resident experiences and meeting their needs. We know that strong fundamentals are the key to effective estate and block management such as financial reporting, contractor management, community engagement and Health & Safety.

Property & Asset Management


Leisure is a specialised asset class within the property industry and we have developed a team which combines the appropriate experience and skills to manage complex leisure and sports developments, not only at pre-acquisition but also before and after development. We offer occupier engagement strategies, on-site management, service charge management, and effective brand, marketing and promotional support.

Property & Asset Management


Shared ownership and affordable housing call for a cost effective, community orientated approach to management. Our team have worked alongside and for some of the biggest names in affordable and social housing and we understand the unique dynamics in this segment of residential management.

Property & Asset Management


We deliver end-to-end student accommodation services, including acquisitions, disposals, design consultancy, management and maintenance services and service charge management.



Our BTR management platform is holistic and we are able to offer the full suite of BTR management services in-house, including lettings, applicant vetting, building and financial management, move-ins and aftercare. We know that strong fundamentals are the key to effective BTR management such as financial reporting, contractor management, community engagement and health and safety. Our communications approach and experience delivery helps us to retain more residents, for longer.



From viability and feasibility studies, strategic land, design consultancy and brand & proposition development, we can help BTR owners and investors shape their next project. Our ‘brand-to-rent’ model helps our clients to articulate their development’s commercial proposition, take it to market, let it up and manage it in a value-adding, differentiated way that appeals to modern renters.

Property Development & Investment


We make investments in both residential and commercial assets both nationally and overseas. Being landlords ourselves gives us first-hand experience of what landlord’s expectations are, whether it be financial reporting, transparent communication or Health & Safety obligations. We expect the highest of standards and self-manage our assets to ensure these standards to consistently adhered to.

Property Development & Investment


At Navana we also acquire development sites, and undertake strategic planning to ensure that with our detailed research we are able to create and design high quality developments.

Our developments are built to reflect the ethos of our organisation; progressive, forward thinking and designed and delivered with the highest commitments to sustainability. It is our aim to showcase our own properties as a demonstration of our cradle to grave approach to real estate and our in-depth understanding of what properties and tenants need and want throughout the life cycle of all our assets.

Property Development & Investment


We are experts in mobilising projects from initial inception through to design development, planning, procurement, construction, delivery and end-use occupation. We work alongside clients to deliver buildings according to an agreed development plan, budget, business drivers and objectives, all whilst considering investment parameters including targeting profit and maximising returns whilst minimising risk.

We work alongside a number of clients including institutions, owner occupiers, high-net worth individuals, large institutions, overseas funds, Propcos, and public sector stakeholders to provide our development services.

Property Consultancy


Our comprehensive design review service allows the implications of design decisions on management to be seen by the Design Team at the Design and Construction phase, and provides our clients with constructive, specific recommendations aimed at improving the efficiency and costs of running the completed development.

We believe buildings and estates should be designed with the customer experience at front of mind, and in a way that means they can be managed efficiently, effectively and commercially. That’s why during the design phase we work with our clients to ensure that great customer experience can be activated by the property management team and that the buildings work on a practical level day-to-day.

We are also able to offer advice on integrating occupier services within the development, from advice on occupier trends, budgets, spatial planning, FFE, welfare provisions, procurement and fit-out.

Property Consultancy


In the changing property landscape, a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of lease agreements is now more important than ever for owners and developers to mitigate any future commercial risk that may arise. Using our experience in working with and for some of the biggest residential and commercial developers in the UK, we work with our clients’ legal teams to review and formulate clear, manageable legal frameworks.

Property Consultancy


Whether a landlord, tenant or owner occupier, planning maintenance can do more than preserve a building or asset. It can also deliver significant financial benefits over the property’s lifecycle, recovering and reducing costs through planning efficiencies and economies of scale.

Our team of planned maintenance specialists prepare strategies along with implementation of works plans and schedules, mapping out an optimised approach to tasks and expenditure on a client’s property

Property Consultancy


Our connections to sources of private and institutional capital mean we can advise our clients on strategic funding and investment in their projects. We are active JV partners and enter into partnerships where we see sustainable growth and the opportunity to improve places, communities and reduce our planetary impact.

Place & Experience Practice


Our team bring places of all kinds to life with memorable, creative placemaking and events programming.

At the consultancy phase, we will consider the asset’s positioning, heritage, catchment and surrounding environments, physical spatial layout and masterplanning to develop a bespoke placemaking strategy which makes the destination ‘stickier’; increasing footfall, repeat visitation and where relevant share of spend and retail sales.

Place & Experience Practice


The success of events is dictated by the final mile and relies on effective planning and execution. Our events and activation specialists deliver the creative vision and will take care of all logistics, permits, insurance & liability, Health & Safety certification, procurement, staffing, partnerships and awareness communications to deliver experiences that truly set destinations of all types apart.

Place & Experience Practice


We define customer-satisfaction enhancing experience programmes for properties and places. Our experience strategists draw on all of our capabilities to advise on how our places can best connect and serve the increasingly complex needs of those that use them down to the smallest sensory details of how the building looks, feels, sounds and smells.

We carefully analyse how people can move through seamlessly through the development and interact with retailers, leisure operators, service providers, and communal amenities through intuitive and well-planned wayfinding, an often overlooked dimension of experience on complex, large footprint mixed-use developments.

Place & Experience Practice


We are experts in supporting the search, selection of talented, diverse service and experience based teams for properties and places. We advise on role and responsibility mapping, team structure and collective purpose and upskilling to succeed in the age of customer experience.

Our training programmes are comprehensively tailored for our client’s portfolios and places, however our underlying people recruitment focus on EQ as much as EQ, and typical training modules include customer listening (hard and soft signals), wellbeing and health first-aid, digital engagement and delivering the brand, amongst others. All of our learning and development content is delivered via blended learning methods to increase recall and operational practice.

Place & Experience Practice


Community and stakeholder engagement is at the heart of all of our operations, whether we’re managing a property or developing a place. As well as integrating a community-first approach across our capability mix, we offer our clients standalone community consultancy and have vast experience in community stakeholder communications from the developer and management side, pre-during and after completion.

Place & Experience Practice


Our brand and positioning practice consults in partnership with client teams, stakeholders to create a unified asset positioning and then articulate a differentiating brand language, including visual brand identity, asset vision, mission, values, tone and communications approach.

Markets and Advisory


We consult on the acquisition, disposal and merger of corporate entities. Whether your goal is to enter a new horizontal or vertical property-related market, right-size your business or enhance liquidity, our insightful and experienced team advise clients on all aspects of UK based corporate property transacting, helping to grow and sustain shareholder value in a rapidly changing world.

Markets and Advisory


We support our clients to locate, structure and deliver capital from domestic and international investors for property and real estate related projects. We offer a strategic service which focuses on targeting the right capital flows, facilitating a comprehensive fundraising process and a precise communication approach with investors and lenders. We also advise and help early-stage and venture level business to raise the funds required for sustainable and successful growth.

Markets and Advisory


From pre-deal strategy, partner identification to entity set-up and governance, our joint venture expertise puts clients in the best position to succeed in the UK property market. In addition, our Group is an active joint venture partner, and we frequently explore and enter into partnerships where we recognise sustainable growth and the opportunity to improve places and communities.

Markets and Advisory


Organisational challenges are diverse and could be strategy, synergy, profit or cash flow based. We help property businesses navigate the UK property market and craft the right business structure to win, now and in future. We always look beyond the current situational issues and keep a long-term time horizon in mind when advising entities on their structural needs.