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Due to unprecedented ongoing structural transformation across property sectors, accepted management and development models need to continually evolve to effectively serve the ever-more demanding and shifting needs of customers and communities.

Formed by a multi-disciplinary team of disruptors who want to do things differently, we are a new breed of independent, people-focused and creative property and place services group.

By looking at industry challenges through our unique lens, we create more value for everyone from the places where people live, work, spend, learn and play.

Our specialist capabilities include development & investment, property & asset management, place & experience consultancy and specialist property financial services. We are active in many sectors including residential, mixed use and commercial.

Our Group is free from legacy structures, resources and systems. It has been designed from the ground-up on fresh rather than traditional thinking to be agile, bold and customer and community orientated in a way which sets us apart from other property services providers.

It’s a blend of our attributes that make us different from the rest. We offer a distinct and holistic approach to property and places. Here’s how we do it.

1. People

An unorthodox, diverse team of specialists

We genuinely value diversity in thinking, skills and approach. We hire and empower the best minds from outside and inside the property sector with specialist skills and disruption in their DNA, supporting our clients to deliver new and innovative solutions to some of property’s biggest and smallest challenges.

2. Culture

Bravery, not bureaucracy and potential, not politics

Our culture rewards openness, sharing, transparency and brave thought. Asking a question is as equally valued as knowing the answer. The EQ of our people is as important as their IQ. Our culture is what sets us apart, and we only hire people who share our ambition and principles.

3. Structure

Fluid, agile and accountable

We believe that traditional property surveying is as important now as it’s ever been. However due to changing customer expectations of the built environment, the generalist role of the jack-of-all-trades Property Manager has been irreversibly fragmented. No matter the project or property, all of our teams are comprised of true subject matter experts, giving our clients and customers direct access to advice when they need it without the lengthy delays and paper shuffling.

4. Integration

A composite model

We combine proven experience in traditional property functions such as operations, financial management, markets, sales, technology, sustainability and communications and customer experience with non-traditional property functions such as cultural programming and the arts, offering a unique end-to-end strategic consultancy centered around the needs of customers and property end-users.

5. Customers and Communities

Identifying what really matters to our customers, end-users and communities

We don’t believe that broad, generational segments or customer groupings such as ‘Millennials’ or ‘Generation Z’ provide actionable insights into what property users or communities want from their properties and places. Our view is that customers are individuals and communities are unique, so wherever possible we work with them directly to ensure the experiences we offer and the places we build are functional, frictionless and fulfilling.

6. Design Thinking

Design first, action second

Whether we’re managing a property, developing a place or delivering a creative placemaking programme, intuitive and data-driven design is at the heart of our approach. We base all of our decision making on objective evidence and data in the interests of our customers and clients, not just what happens to be on-trend in the industry at the time.


Connected to the new media landscape

We’re in-touch with how property users consume media, connect with each other and share. We understand the importance of engaging with our users and customers by delivering compelling messages in the right place at the right time, enhancing their experience of the buildings they visit.

8. Technology

Test, trial, learn and deliver

We are committed to our philosophy of accelerated test and learn. We work with technology providers of all kinds from inside and outside the UK to identify, trial, configure and bring value-adding innovations to market, even where a precedent hasn’t yet been set in the property sector. Before we consider technology we think about the needs of our customers both now and in future, and how we can make their experience of the built environment better through its use.

9. Procurement and Partners

Flexibility with assurance

We work with our customers and clients to find the right mix of community, local, regional and national service suppliers for them. We have the flexibility to develop and manage bespoke service networks with complete peace of mind to our clients, choosing our partners based on their shared principles, commitment to customers and understanding of brand image, perception and reputation.

10. Delivery

Established experience

We know through experience that the foundations of delivering successfully in the property industry are accuracy, pace and attention to detail. Our team is as comfortable navigating the complexities of a phased long-term development as it is managing multi-stakeholder places and spaces.